Looking for a 13 gallon trash can? – Check Out My Review

This is a bit off topic.  Occassionally, I will talk about the purchases I have made for my home and office especially if I like it.  Well, this is true as well as I recently purchased a 13 gallon trash can.  Most people would not think twice about purchasing a trash can but my personality is rather type A so I examine the pros and cons of buying anything before I actually spend my money.  Below are some of the more popular picks by consumers.

13 gallon trash can Review

At first, I was just going to buy a plastic can but realized that the better option would be to purchase a stainless steel canister.  Why?  Plastic tends to be more susceptible to cracking, peeling, and wear and tear.  Also, stainless steel can fit well with any décor you have either in your home or office and it does not absorb odors like a plastic trash can would.  If you have stainless steel appliances, the top picks will blend in very well.  After researching, here are my top recommended brands.

Simple Human

Simple Human has a very good reputation in the realm of trash cans.  In fact, they are just about the only brand to bolster a 5 star review from it’s buyers.  Both of these 13 gallon trash cans are not censored base.  Some people do not like the sensor based options as they fear that it will fail to quickly.

This Simple human is a commercial grade trash can with an existing open lid but you can use it in the home or other places.  It is slim.

Butterfly Trash CanThis model is also very popular.  It is slightly below the 13 gallon mark at 11.9 gallons but people really like this trash can.  Appropriately named the butterfly, it opens from the top in opposite directions.  It is very quiet and attractive to the eye.

This is also a very good model but it does come below the 13 gallon option.  The price point is good for this type of pedestal can and is a semi-rectangular option.


This is the lesser expensive of all and if you would prefer a more durable plastic step waste bin then this is it.  It is semi- round black trash can.  The lid locks so if you have an animal inside your home, it will not be able to get inside.

Sensor Based 13 gallon trash Can

Itouchless 13 gallon trash canMany people don’t mind at all a sensor based receptacle.  It can be very convenient and hygienic.  They love the fact that they can just waive their hands in front of the can and it gently lifts up.  Since they do not have to touch it, it cuts down on germs.  You can’t get any more popular than this 13 gallon trash bin by Itouchless.  This is about 40 dollars cheaper than the other brands mentioned.  Overwhelmingly, this brand has a positive review.  Check out what other people have to say about it!

There you have it.  If your looking for a 13 gallon canister, those are some of the best options out there.


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